I wanted to share with you a lighting set up that I have known and used in the past but until now had not documented.  I call it “beauty dish along the wall”Beauty Disk - shoot along wall
This simple one light set-up create the effect of light coming in from a high up window.  The light from the beauty dish is allowed to spill on to the wall to create a funnel of light that can be seen in the final image.

Note that the subject needs to face towards the light to ensure that the face is correctly illuminated.

Without changing the position of the light this set up can create two different lighting effects the first has the subject standing/leaning against the wall close to the beauty dish.  The for the second effect the subject moves further away from the light but then crouches down or sits on the floor.  As the subject moves away from the light you will need to either increase the light output, or open up your aperture for this version of the lighting set-up.

First Position


Second Position

For your convenience you can download and print a PDF of this lighting set-up from here: