I do 90% of my image editing in Lightroom, with about 9.5% in Adobe Photoshop.  For the remaining 0.5% I use Snapseed on my iPad.

What do you use?

One of the most common questions I was asked on the two recent cruises while I was lecturing on photography was what to use to edit photographs.  It was easy to say Lightroom and Photoshop but most of the people who were asking were not yet at that level.  They are shooting with compact (point and shoot) cameras or with camera phones.  It got me thinking what SHOULD I be recommending to people?

If you have a DSLR, Bridge Camera or micro 4./3 camera – yes Lightroom is probably worth the investment.  But what if all you want to do is crop, resize and convert to black and white?

Snapseed is the obvious tool for use on a mobile device, but what else is there?  What would YOU suggest?  And what about for on a PC if someone said all they want to do is crop and resize?

Please let me know your suggestions and I’ll put together a blog post of the suggestions and ideas.