If you have looked at the studio calendar recently you will have noticed a distinct lack of events scheduled at the studio – in particular there are no Friday Night at the Studio events.  Nor will there be until the very end of May.  Don’t panic… Let me explain what is happening!

Between now and the end of February there are two Friday’s that I have other photography related jobs – I try to avoid taking work on Friday’s because of the studio events, but sometimes it is just unavoidable.  The remaining date in February I will be on stage in “Waiting for Godot”.

For the entirety of March I will be out of the country lecturing on the MV Marco Polo as it cruises to the Caribean for 32 nights.

In April and May I am going to run an experiment.  I will be running “Friday Night” events…. they just won’t be on Fridays.  I have been wondering if Friday’s are the best nights to run events on.  I still think it is, but a few people have said to me that they have problems with Fridays so for two months I’m going to move events to Thursdays and Tuesdays and possibly Saturdays or Sunday’s too.  This will give those people who can’t do Friday a chance to come to our “Friday Night at the Studio” type events.

I am aiming to get the April / May schedule on-line before I go away, so you can see what is coming up, and to reassure everyone that we are still in business when it comes to photography events.

After May?  Well we will probably revert back to Friday Nights… unless my little experiment shows that the majority of people prefer a different night of the week for events.