Ian's Studio

If you are someone who hires my studio – I have some good news and some bad news.

First the bad news.

My regular hire prices will be going up.  Sorry.  It’s the first time I have put the hire prices up since I opened the studio five years ago.  The new price structure for regular hire will be as follows:

Number of Hours Total Price (Price Per Hour)
1 £35.00 £35.00
2 £45.00 £22.50
3 £55.00 £18.33
4 £65.00 £16.25
5 £80.00 £16.00
6 £95.00 £15.83
7 £110.00 £15.71
8 £120.00 £15.00

And now the good news

Greater Flexibility!

One of the things that hirers have been asking for is more flexibility in their hires.  In the old scheme the studio could only be hired in blocks of 1,2,4 and 8 hrs with a special 3hr evening rate.  You will have noticed that the new regular rates cover any number of hours from 1 to 8.  And the same prices will apply regardless of time of day.

The prices are also going down!

If you are a regular hirer of the studio, there is an opportunity for you to pay less for you studio hires than you have been doing over the last 5 years and have even greater flexibility. I am introducing a “Flexible Hire” scheme.  Under this scheme you will purchase a number of hours in advance.

When you book the studio you let me know the time you wish to start the hire and the time your expect to finish.  Your purchased hours will be reduced by the actual number of hours you shoot (rounded up or down to the nearest 15mins).  This means you are only paying for the hours you need.  If you finish a shoot early we stop the clock when you finish and you use the time saved on another occasion.

Similarly if a shoot is going well or is taking longer than you expected and you wish to continue shooting then we just deduct more time from the hours you have purchased.

The flexible scheme also protects you against a model or client doing a ‘no show’ – if a model you have booked doesn’t turn up, you only loose the minimum of one hour off your purchased time.

Hours Purchased Price (Price Per Hour)
10 £140.00 £14.00
15 £200.00 £13.33
20 £250.00 £12.50
25 £300.00 £12.00
40 £500.00 £11.90

A few terms and conditions

  • Flexible Hire hours must be paid for in advance of the hire.  Payment can be made via paypal here.
  • All purchased hours must be used within 1 year of the purchase date.  If you buy additional hours to ‘top up’ your account then the oldest hours will be used first.
  • All flexible hires are subject to a minimum of 1hr.
  • Any cancellation with less than 24hrs notice (including those cause by model no shows) will result in 1hr being deducted from your purchased hours.
  • Extending shoots beyond expected finish time is always subject to studio and my availability at the time, and while we will do our best to accommodate over-runs we cannot guarantee it.
  • In the event that you do not have sufficient hours in your account for the studio hire.  The difference will be charged at the regular hire rates.
  • At the end of each hire session we will inform you of the number of hours being deducted from your account and let you know the number of hours remaining.

When will all this happen?

The regular prices will change from 1st April 2016.  Any regular hires booked and paid for prior to that date will be at the old rates – even if the hire is after 1st April 2016.

Because the the new Flexible Hire system offers saving over our existing hire rates it will be available immediately, for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.