Last week I talked about how Academy Events would replace the existing courses and workshops that we run at the studio.  Read about it HERE if you missed it. This time, I want to share with you details of what those Academy events will be.

When I started to type them all up, I hadn’t realised just how many training sessions I have put together over the last six years.  I have no less than 73 different sessions listed in The Academy prospectus.  I plan to deliver two each month so that will take over three years to go through them all!

We need your help!

With three years worth of sessions available, I’d like to find out which sessions are the ones I need to prioritise as I schedule them.  So I’ve created a survey:

If you can spare me a few minutes to go through the survey and rate the sessions which you are likely to attend it will really help me as I schedule the academy sessions.  What each session is about may be fairly obvious from the title, but if you want to know a bit more about any of the sessions please download the draft prospectus.  Where each session is explained in detail.

With 73 sessions listed, I am not expecting you to rate every single one – just the ones that are relevant or of interest to you.

Not local to Stockport? Not likely to come to any events? – Then please still