In the previous two newsletters, I talked about Academy Events at the studio.  (If you haven’t read those newsletters you can find them here: PART1 & PART2).
My thanks to everyone who responded to the survey last week.  The winner of the 3 additional free months membership has gone to Ed van der Bruggen.

This week I want to write about….

Inspiration Sheets

Each week every member of the Academy will an “Inspiration Sheet” – These sheets will provide you with ideas of what you can photograph that week.  There will be images to inspire you, and technical know-how to help you.  If you want to know what a sample Inspiration Sheet will look like, you can download a draft of the first one HERE or by clicking on the image of the first page.

The sheets hopefully will be easy to read and enable you to tackle the subject at whatever level you are at with your photography.  So rather than me waffling on about them why not just take look at it, and please let me know what you think.
I’m going to do another giveaway of an additional month’s free membership to the first person who can spot the er… ahem… ‘deliberate’ mistake in the draft version.  I will give you a clue, it’s not a technical error, and hopefully not a spelling mistake either.

When I started this series of blog posts on the challenged facing photographers today, I deliberately skipped over the third challenge that so many of you mentioned: Marketing.  Next week, I will go back to that topic and explain how Ian’s Studio Photo Academy will help you with your marketing!

Until then, keep MAKING great photographs,