Day 8, 14th September – At Sea

On our virtual cruise, it’s the fifth and final sea day before we make landfall in Canada.  Tomorrow we will be at St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Again I was lecturing, my subject this time “Photography when the weather turns bad.”  As I gave that talk on this day in 2015, I had no idea how apt and appropriate it was going to be, nor had I any idea just how much rain would be waiting for us in St Johns.  But I’m getting ahead of myself and I’ll deal with all that tomorrow.

For now, let me share with you a tip from the lecture I gave on “Photography when the weather turns bad”.

Protect your camera

There are many ways to protect your camera in the rain.  You can buy waterproof housings, special covers or even make your own using plastic bags and elastic bands (no honestly, you can!).  For me, however, I probably have the best camera cover in the world.


A camera with a bar towel over it

If you can’t work it out – it is a Carlsberg bar towel – great to drape over the camera in the rain.  It absorbs rainfall on it, wicks away rain on the camera and can be used to dry the camera too.  Of my camera has a certain amount of weather resistance to start with, but it should work for most cameras… but as ever… do at your own risk.

Tomorrow on our virtual cruise we make landfall in St John’s and I’ll be sharing with you my travelogue from that city and the weather-related challenges I faced.