Model Ahsatan at Friday Night at the Studio taster session at Ian’s Studo

The above image was one of the bodyscape images we created at last night’s Friday Night at the Studio event.  A couple of the attendees asked me about how I do the finishing touch of putting the colour gradient into the sky.

As with 90% of all my image I am using Lightroom to do the processing.  The following screenshot shows you the steps involved.

1. In the develop module select the gradient tool.  It’s the rectangle on the toolbar below the histogram.

2. Click reset to make sure all adjustments are set to zero

3. Bring the exposure slider down to the left (-4 stops in this case)

4. Boost saturation to about 60%

5. Use the colour picker to choose the colour you want for the ‘sky’ – I have used a sepia colour in this case but, you could easily sample a colour from the model’s body.

6.  On the image draw a vertical line down.  Anything above where you start has the full effect of the filter, anything below where you stop has no effect from the filter, and everything in between is a gradient between the two.

Hope this quick blog post helps those who were at the training session and that it also helps anyone else looking to do similar effects.

Until next time keep making great images,


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