Phew, it has taken some work, but I am now FINALLY able to announce what I have been working on for the last few weeks.  Don’t forget to read all the way to the end of this blog post, where I have a discount code for £20 of the price of any of the weekends

Let’s start with a little bit of background information.


A few weeks ago took a quick look at my mailing list and realised that probably about half the people on the mailing list are not based near me in Stockport.  Many have joined as a direct result of my lecturing on the CMV ships, and some have joined because they have seen my posts on social media.

Over the last 18 months, I have tried to make my blog posts and emails relevant to as many people as possible.  As you know I write blog posts about general photographic techniques and I have an on-line Photo Academy with Inspiration Sheets on 47 different subjects, and studio lighting sheets covering currently over 15 different techniques.

But face-to-face training at the studio is still a significant part of my business, and I want to try to make this more accessible to those who are not local.

Drum roll, please….

Coming up later this year, I have FOUR full weekend training events.

I know it is highly unlikely that anyone would travel any distance for a single event lasting just 3hrs – although it has happened.  However, I’m hoping that if I put on a whole weekend of linked events, that those of you who are not local to Stockport might consider it worth travelling here to attend.

I’ve chosen four very different weekend themes to kick this off.  I have chosen them because wherever you are on your photographic journey at least one of those themes should be relevant to you and hopefully of interest to you.

The Weekends

These are the four different weekends:

  • 25 – 27 May 2018 – Lightroom Training Weekend – £115
    Designed as an intensive weekend of training covering all you need to know to organise and process your images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. We cover organisation of images, the library module, the develop module, output modules and workflow optimisation.
  • 6 – 8 July 2018 – Compact Camera Crash Course – £150
    For those who use compact cameras and want to get the most out of them this weekend course will be a mix of classroom based training looking a improving your composition, getting to grips with your camera settings, and the practical advice as we photograph Manchester City centre. The weekend concludes with advice on low-cost image editing solutions and a feedback/critiquing session.
  • 7 – 9 September 2018 – Introduction to Studio Photography – £140
    This weekend will introduce you to everything you need to know to get started in Studio photography and working with models. We looking at portraiture, fashion, cosplay, boudoir, glamour and art nude photography in the studio.  No experience is necessary and the only requirement is that your camera has a standard hotshoe and can work in manual mode at f/8.  This is ideal for anyone who fancies trying studio photography for the first time.
  • 9 – 11 November 2018 – Water Weekend
    Our final weekend event is a series of water themed shoot. This includes wet-look glamour, images of water splashing on a model and creating images suitable for having digital effects added to them.  We include a session explaining the Photoshop techniques to do just that.  The hightlight of the weekend is when we set up a full shower/rain system in the studio and you have the chance to photograph a model under the shower.  While prior studio experience isn’t a prerequisite, it is hoped that this will also appeal to those who want to expand their studio experience and styles.

Pick and Mix

I know that there will be some of you who may not want to do the full weekend, but may wish to do perhaps one or two of the events at these weekends.  For that reason for all the weekends (apart from the Compact Camera Crash Course) you will be able to book any of the individual events.  However, I do want to make sure that those who wish to do ALL the events at a particular weekend get priority.  This means that initially it will ONLY be possible to book the full weekend of events.

The individual events within a themed weekend will be available for booking as follows:

  • Lightroom weekend – after 30th April
  • Studio weekend – after 30th June
  • Water weekend – after 31st July

Remember – the whole weekend can be booked at any time from now onwards.

Where to stay in Stockport

If you are planning to travel here for any of the weekends – I have put together a list of local budget accommodation here:

Please note the disclaimer: Obviously I have never stayed at any of the establishments listed here.  The information is provided purely as a convenience and should not be seen as an endorsement of any of the places listed.

Early Bird Discounts

Because these full weekend events take a lot of planning I really need to know if I have the numbers to go ahead as soon as possible.  To encourage you to book early, I’ve got a £20 off discount voucher that will work for any of the four full weekends.

Enter “EARLY20” when making your booking to get £20 off the price.

PLEASE NOTE: That the discount is only valid for those who book AND PAY before 30th April 2018

And Finaly…

I really hope that at least one of these weekends will be of interest to you, and that those of you who are not local to Stockport will consider joining us for a weekend of learning and taking your photography to the next level.

As always, keep MAKING great photographs,