Connecting the washing machine

A week or so back we needed to buy a new washing machine.  We were told by the store that they would deliver, install, and take away the old one for a small fee.

On the day that we arranged for the machine to come, they informed me that “install and take away” didn’t include:

  1. Disconnecting the old machine from the water supply.
  2. Disconnecting the old machine from the electricity supply.
  3. Connecting the new machine to the electricity supply.

They obviously have a vey different definition of “Install” to the one that is in my dictionary. 

We had to reschedule the delivery so I could do 1 and 2.  When the machine came the installation invoved trailing the power cable over the work surfaces so it would reach a standard socket.

Today, I wired it directly in to the mains socket.  It would have taken me a lot less time if the cat hadn’t been on hand to help.