Capitoline Temple. Roman City of Dougga, The Tell, Tunisia. Dougga, The Tell, Tunisia.

You have probably realised by now I took a lot of photos at Dougga in Tunisia.  58 “keepers” – how many shutter clicks I can’t remember… probably in excess of 100.

I keep returning to the Dougga photos when the images I’m dealing with on a particular day don’t generate any images to upload to Alamy.  Regualar readers will know I’m working through my backlog of images at the moment with the goal of uploading something each day to Alamy.  Some days, like to day, either all the images I’m checking are either already on Alamy or are not sufficient quality or most of the day has been spent on other tasks.  When that happens I pick a handful of images from elsewhere in the backlog (Dougga at the moment) process and upload some images from there.  Thus over the last few weeks you have got to see a lot of this Roman city from Tunisa.