I am not normally one to spend money on backing kickstarter projects.  In fact before to day I hadn’t backed any.  However, I’ve been looking at a one particular project and I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s a remote trigger / intervalometer / smart phone tethering system called pulse.

What is clever about this is that works with your smart phone (iPhone and android only), and not only can you trigger the camera remotely, but the images are then transmitted back to the phone so you can check the exposure and histogram.  If the exposure isn’t right you can adjust it from the phone without having to go back to the camera.

When it comes to doing time-lapse the system apparently has some pretty smart technology built into it.  When you doing time-lapse of sunsets or sunrises you need to keep adjusting your exposure for the changing light conditions.  With pulse the app analyses the histogram for you and auto-magically changes the exposure for you.

You can find out more about the product here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alpinelabs/pulse-your-camera-upgraded

The whole package looks good and checking up on the company behind the product, it is not their first kickstarter project so I think the risk in investing is pretty low.  If you decide to back it then obviously it’s at your own risk.  I decided to back it and my pulse should arrive sometime in April.  You can expect posts and videos about when it arrives.

PS.  Although I have ‘backed’ this, the only thing I get from it is my own ‘pulse’ in April. I’m not on commission and so I’m only blogging about it because I think it looks like a good product, and I want to let other photographers know about it.